What I’ve been up to, April 2017

I was just typing the “2017” in the title above and got a strong sense of how weird that was. Growing up, all the weird dystopian movies seemed to be set around now.

Guess they got that right.

Anyway, here are some of the things I’ve been up to lately!

Birds in Hats

I’ve finished a few more of these since I last posted about them. Here they are. All acrylic on canvas, in various sizes. You can buy prints of most of ’em here. 

I haven’t got a print of Captain Jack Seagull made up just yet, but I’ll do that soon.

The Man Who Ate Lincoln Road

Steve Braunias had an excellently hilarious series of columns in the Herald called The Man Who Ate Lincoln Road, in which Steve tries, and mostly succeeds, to eat his way down Lincoln Road. Now he’s collected the columns into a book. With footnotes! And an index! And a cover, which I illustrated!

I just got the advance copies today, and it’s looking grand.

Miscellaneous art stuff

I’ve also made what turns out to be quite a reasonable amount of miscellaneous art over the past however long:


Oh yeah, Chromacon! This was a good time. Here are some of the prints (and originals!) I had up for sale.

Other stuff

I’ve also been doing a reasonable bit of writing over at blue-green cash-for-copy site par excellence The Spinoff.

So, if you’re reading this, for whatever reason, and you like the sort of thing I’ve been making, please feel free to ask me to make some for you! You can email me at josh (at) joshuadrummond.com. Or you can buy prints of my art ‘n stuff over at my shop.

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