What I’m up to, 2021 edition

Last year was pretty bad, which is why I intentionally chose to not make things worse by posting here. But there’ll be no such luck in 2021, I’m afraid. A few dormant and long-awaited projects have fired up and it looks like being a busy time. So here’s what I’m up to this year:

Two Ruru & assorted art stuff

A tiny watercolour that I did that I quite liked

I’ll be making a lot more art this year. I started things off by doing a bunch of tiny practice watercolours for people on my art Twitter account. You can find my shop that sells prints, merchandise, and downloadable PDFs, at tworuru.com. And my videos-of-me-making-art project will continue over at my YouTube channel. Here’s the latest effort:

“Actually, it’s about ethics in mainstream media journalism

I started a project I’d been threatening to do for ages which is an attempt to do journalism about… journalism. I’m hosting it on Substack so if this incredibly niche project sounds like a bit of you, head along to The Bad News Letter and hit the subscribe button.

OK, here’s the pitch. Get this: two white guys start a podcast

I’m sorry. Well, not really. A mate of mine and I have been wanting to do this for ages and, after prevaricating for an embarrasingly long time, it looks like it might actually become a thing this year. Why am I mentioning this, given that I’ve given you no idea of topic or content? I have no idea. Still, if for some reason you are interested in this fascinatingly vague premise, I guess you can email me and I’ll ping you when it all kicks off.

The best thing ever

2020 wasn’t all bad, and here’s why.

Where you can find me / my stuff online

Art stuff

Writing / ranty stuff

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Hello world!

I started blogging again for some reason.

Thoughts and prayers, please.